X'mas hamper with Japanese teas? Sake wrapped with furoshiki? Check out our stall at Japan Culture and Art Festival in Collingwood on Sunday October 27th.

Eat and Drink Experiences

Kurogi cha-cha

Tokyo: Kurogi cha-cha Ochazuke fan’s must-go destination! We went to the Ginza Six before it opened its door and joined in the queue. This very tiny restaurant serves only the ochazuke set so what you can choose is the tea paired with your ochazuke. As there is a limited number of seats (five only!), you may have to finish it within an hour to give your seat to the next Ochazuke lover. However, they will serve your food in a professional manner, you won’t miss any dish and there is a plenty of time to chat with the chef. 6...

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Kyoto: Fukujuen  We enjoyed gyokuro and sencha sets there. It offered a very clean and quiet space as we almost forgot the crowds and noise from the popular street outside. This shop was established in 1790 and is now known with IEMON which is a tea drink created with Suntory. Staff were very kind and helpful. Despite the level of Japanese tea knowledge, everyone will be able to brew Japanese tea properly (the staff are happy to assist you if you need their help). http://www.fukujuen-kyotohonten.com/english/floor.html#4f Please bear in mind that all the comments here are based on our experiences and...

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When we go to Japan, we always try to fill up with Japanese tea experiences which include not only tea making hands-on experiences but also eating and drinking. As we have received many inquiries regarding this matter, we decided to share our experiences on our blog so you can try them on your next visit to Japan. Please bear in mind that all the comments here are based on our experiences and the information were obtained at the time of our visit. Please check the latest information before your visit. Enjoy your tea trip to Japan. Now here is our...

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