Matcha in the Kitchen & Japanese Tea Flight will be back in April. Check out more details.

Events — Kagoshima

Tea Break on SBS Radio

Here is the English script for our interview on SBS Radio(You can listen my Japanese in the following link.   Japanese Tea Ambassador – Harumi We interviewed Harumi Oshitani who promotes Japanese green tea in Australia as a Japan Tea Goodwill Ambassador. Harumi is a certified Japanese tea instructor and offers workshops and tea tasting events. She also has an online store called Okei-san, Japanese Tea Plus. “Harumi, you are a Japan Tea Goodwill Ambassador. I’ve never heard of it. So what kind of activities are you involved?” “I was appointed as a Japan Tea Goodwill Ambassador this February by Japanese...

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Tea Workshops at 2018 Sister Cities Festival in Latrobe

Visit our stall to browse our selections and participate our green tea workshops to learn and taste authentic Japanese teas at 2018 Sister Cities Festival. We are going to join the festival which celebrates Chinese and Japanese cultures from 4pm to 9pm on Friday 9 November at Moe Botanical Garden (Botanic Dr, Newborough VIC 3825). We will hold a stall for traditional confectioneries, tea-wares, furoshiki and authentic teas, and tea workshops will also be held. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Japanese Tea and Sweets Pairing Experience on 21 July

Our next tea tasting session is educational and mouthwatering! Our tea will be tasted with paired sweets created by Joan, a talented patissiere and Jin, an experienced chef. Don't miss it!

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Explore Japanese Tea in Depth 103 on 24 June

An interesting, educational Japanese Tea session will be on this month. We'll explore Japanese tea in depth and focus on the processing and production areas this time. It is held at Camberwell Library (340 Camberwell Road, Camberwell, VIC3124) from 1.20pm to 2.40pm on Sunday 24 June.    Limited seats are available so an advance booking is necessary. Please make a booking on here. For any inquire or more details, please contact us.

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Cha-Kabuki; tea tasting in Hawthorn

We'll hold a Cha-Kabuki; blind tea tasting session at the Hawthorn Library (584 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122) from 12noon to 1.30pm on Sunday 25th June. There will be opportunities to: Experience a traditional Japanese tea competition Challenge your taste buds Taste various Japanese tea Get a perfect score to win a prize Limited seats are available. For more details and to book, contact on We'll also hold a Japanese Tea 101 on the same day. Please see another blog  or contact on for details.

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