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Finely ground sencha

Finely ground sencha? Have you heard this before? This powdered sencha will provide complete health benefits of tea leaves. It can be consumed as a drink, or used as an ingredient for sweets, smoothie, or even a latte. 

The possible health benefits of finely ground sencha depend on their varieties. For example, Yamakai from our Yame series is rich in methylated catechin. The catechin is said to help suppress allergic symptoms like hay fever. The effect will continue a few hours after consumption, according to our tea supplier who also suffered from the symptom. Another variety, Yutakamidori from our supplier in Kagoshima is said to help prevent flu or cold when the tea is prepared in cold water.

Adding finely ground tea to dishes or sweets is simple. There are some recipes on Green Tea Recipe page under Japanese Tea section on this website. Please find the page on

Bring finely ground sencha in your pantry and enjoy a healthy life.

*If you have any health concern and are not sure to add green tea in your diet, please consult your doctor first.