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A glass of green tea

Posted by Harumi Oshitani on

We are in the middle of summer and eager to find a way to cool down. Have you ever tried cooled green tea without ice cubes? It is very easy to prepare and tasty. The good thing about this tea is that the taste remains the same despite time passed as no ice cube will melt in a glass.

All you need is a glass bottle, tea leaves and chilled water.

  1. Place tea leaves in a glass bottle. Alternatively you may use a plastic bottle.
  2. Pour chilled water into the bottle.
  3. Keep it in a fridge for six to twelve hours. 
  4. Discard tea leaves.

Pour it into a chilled glass and enjoy green tea with full of umami and sweetness.

As this green tea is prepared with chilled water, tea has more umami and less astringency.