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Tea Break At Work

Posted by Harumi Oshitani on

Drinking sencha will be effective at meetings or during study. Both activities are very stressful. Caffeine in sencha will make you alert while theanine, another component in green tea, will help you calm. 

Place a heaped teaspoon of sencha in a teapot and add cooled down boiled water (around 70°C). Wait for one minute and pour into a teacup.

If you brew tea with a tea bag, pour boiled water into a teacup and wait two to three minutes to cool it down. Drop a tea bag and wait for one minute. Take out the tea bag before drinking the tea. Keeping a tea bag in a teacup results in unpleasant coloured and bitter green tea.

Brewing sencha with higher temperature (80°C) can extract more caffeine from tea. Therefore it is effective to shake off sleepiness.

Have a good tea break.