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Green tea — Sencha

Finely ground sencha

Finely ground sencha? Have you heard this before? This powdered sencha will provide complete health benefits of tea leaves. It can be consumed as a drink, or used as an ingredient for sweets, smoothie, or even a latte.  The possible health benefits of finely ground sencha depend on their varieties. For example, Yamakai from our Yame series is rich in methylated catechin. The catechin is said to help suppress allergic symptoms like hay fever. The effect will continue a few hours after consumption, according to our tea supplier who also suffered from the symptom. Another variety, Yutakamidori from our supplier in Kagoshima is said...

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Tea Break At Work

Drinking sencha will be effective at meetings or during study. Both activities are very stressful. Caffeine in sencha will make you alert while theanine, another component in green tea, will help you calm.  Place a heaped teaspoon of sencha in a teapot and add cooled down boiled water (around 70°C). Wait for one minute and pour into a teacup. If you brew tea with a tea bag, pour boiled water into a teacup and wait two to three minutes to cool it down. Drop a tea bag and wait for one minute. Take out the tea bag before drinking the tea....

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A glass of green tea

We are in the middle of summer and eager to find a way to cool down. Have you ever tried cooled green tea without ice cubes? It is very easy to prepare and tasty. The good thing about this tea is that the taste remains the same despite time passed as no ice cube will melt in a glass. All you need is a glass bottle, tea leaves and chilled water. Place tea leaves in a glass bottle. Alternatively you may use a plastic bottle. Pour chilled water into the bottle. Keep it in a fridge for six to twelve...

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How to drink a delicious sencha at a hotel

Most of hotels provide complementary tea and coffee. If a hotel is located in Japan, Japanese sencha and hojicha will be among the choices. Making a nice tea from those needs just a few tricks. By paying attention to time and water temperature, delicious tea can be prepared in a hotel room. For sencha: After pouring boiled water into a teacup, wait until you can touch the teacup for a few second. Then drop a tea bag into the cup, and wait 45 to 60 seconds. Remove the tea bag and keep it on a saucer for second serving. For the second serving,...

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How to make hojicha at home

Making your own hojicha does not require any skill. All you need is sencha (old or new) in your pantry and a frying pan. There are only four steps required. Heat a frying pan; once it becomes hot, turn off the heat and place the pan on a damp towel for two seconds. Place the pan on the oven without heat and put sencha, then cover for two minutes.  Turn on the oven on high flame. Stir it with a wooden spatula for 30 to 60 seconds or until its colour changes brown and nice roasted aroma comes out from the leaves; turn off the heat.*Turn...

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