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Green tea

Gyokuro from Yame city

Yame city, Fukuoka prefecture produces high quality of green tea and is famous with especially cultivating gyokuro, the finest grade of Japanese tea. Our supplier is located in cool climate area on 600m above sea level. It has short daylight hours and a significant temperature fluctuation between day and night. These conditions make the growth of new buds slow and let leaves hold umami component longer. That is why leaves grown in mountainous area tend to have more umami and sweetness.   This premium green tea is characterized by deep umami and sweetness as well as mild astringent aroma. In addition, shading from...

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Crystal Japanese green tea

Have you ever noticed that the taste of green tea can be changed by brewing temperature? Water temperature is always a key to prepare delicious Japanese green tea. When green tea is brewed with low temperature, we find it more sweet and less bitter. The reason is that more theanine can be extracted into cooler water. Theanine is a component makes sweetness and umami (rich savoury taste). On the other hand, caffeine which brings bitterness and astringency, is less extracted in cold tea. Taking advantage of those characteristics, Japanese green tea can be brewed with cold water. It is popular to prepare tea in...

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