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Arita ware, the first porcelain produced in Japan

Posted by Harumi Oshitani on

Antique Arita ware or Imari ware are often seen at museums outside of Japan. The export of Arita ware started in 1960. These gorgeous but delicate designs influenced some European porcelain manufactories such as Meissen in Germany and Chantilly in France.

Japan National Tourism Organisation describes about Arita ware's characteristics as follows.

"Arita ware has many fine characteristics; it is thin, light, its feel almost like that of glass, yet solid. It is also durable and does not absorb water, making it therefore suited for tableware.  Its indigo, blue, red, yellow and gold color are quite vivid. Gorgeous and elaborate designs may be favored amongst overseas customers, but simple one color pieces with subdued brush strokes are also exquisite."

Teapots and teacups of Arita ware are beautiful and durable. Teacups are light-weight despite resistant, and can fit in hands easily.

Connecting a world history with your teacup could be exciting and an interesting topic over a cup of tea.

To view our collection of Arita ware, please click the following link.