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Gyokuro Kirishima (leaf 50g)

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This gyokuro was produced in the foot hill of the Kirishima Mountains in Kagoshima. This clear green coloured tea is lightly steamed to enhance its beautiful aroma. The briny taste will be noticed especially in the first infusion. You can have up to five servings from this tea.

For one serving: One heaped teaspoon of tea leaves (about 3g) and warm water (20ml)

How to brew: Prepare a slightly small teapot, teacups and a bowl to cool hot water.

  1. Pour hot water into eight-tenths of each teacup.
  2. Shift the cooled hot water to a teapot.
  3. Pour it into bowl to cool down in order to reduce the temperature further to around 50°C. This is the key to draw out umami.
  4. Place gyokuro in a teapot and pour the cooled hot water into teapot. Close a lid and steep about two minutes.
  5. Pour little by little between teacups and out to the last drop.

From the second serving, brew tea in slightly warmer water and shorter period.

You can enjoy this tea for the third or even the fourth serving without losing its flavour and taste. In addition, used tea leaves can be eaten with Ponzu (citrus-flavour vinegar), or soy sauce.

About the farmer: 

This family-run tea estate grows their tea in the foothill of the Kirishima Mountains in Kagoshima. In the region, temperature drops significantly at night and goes up in the morning. This fluctuation creates a thick fog over the tea field which protect its plants from strong sunlight. The tea plants are enriched by surrounding environments such as fertile soil, clear water and clean air.

Tea in this estate is grown using the environment-friendly farming method which has passed from generation to generation.