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Matcha Kirishima, Ceremonial grade (Powder 20g)

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This ceremonial grade matcha is produced in Kirishima region in Kagoshima. This stone-milled matcha is naturally sweet with refreshing aftertaste. The tea was grown using the environment-friendly farming method and rested some time before stone-milled.

This matcha has very smooth texture, and you can get bright green colour froth with rich aroma.

This can be added into your sweets or sprinkled on them to enjoy it in modern way.

 How to prepare:

1.5grams of shifted Matcha Kirishima Ceremonial grade for 60ml of warm water

  1. Pour hot water into a tea bowl to make it warm.
  2. Empty the bowl.
  3. Place matcha.
  4. Add warm water into the bowl.
  5. Make some form using a bamboo whisk.
  6. When there is slightly white froth, stop mixing and serve.

 About the farmer

This family-run tea estate grows their tea in the foothill of the Kirishima Mountains in Kagoshima. In the region, temperature drops significantly at night and goes up in the morning. This fluctuation creates a thick fog over the tea field which protect its plants from strong sunlight. The tea plants are enriched by surrounding environments such as fertile soil, clear water and clean air.

Tea in this estate is grown using the environment-friendly farming method which has passed from generation to generation.