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Sencha (finely ground 50g)
Sencha (finely ground 50g)
Finely ground sencha, Okei-san, Japanese Tea Plus, Australia

Sencha (finely ground 50g)

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This finely ground sencha from Kagoshima is very versatile. It can be drunk as sencha, baked for cakes and biscuits, or added into smoothies.

How to prepare: Dissolve 1g of tea in a little amount of water, and combine more water to make 500ml of tea. 

Alternatively you can shake the mixture in a plastic bottle. 

Serving suggestion: Freeze the dissolved tea in a bottle and take it to work or school the next day.

About tea farmer:

Our supplier in Kagoshima has been producing high quality of Japanese green tea since 1894. The family succeeded their craftsmanship from generation to generation. They carry out everything by themselves from cultivating tea plants to finish products.

Their tea field is located in the foothills of Mount Kirishima. The fluctuation of temperature is significant so the area often has dense fog in the morning. This helps to produce high quality of tea.

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