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Shiraore (leaf 50g)

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This green tea consists of tea leaves and twigs. It features delicate sweetness with soothing aroma of fresh leaves.

For one serving: Two teaspoons of tea leaves (about 4g) and warm water (80ml)

How to brew: Choose thin small teacups and a teapot.

  1. Place tea leaves in the teapot.
  2. Pour boiling water into teacups to measure the amount of water and to reduce the temperature. This is the key for preparing nice green tea.
  3. Leave them about two minutes to cool down to 80°C. Shift the cooled water to the teapot; close a lid to steam 40 seconds.
  4. Pour little by little between teacups and out to the last drop.

From the second serving, brew tea in slightly warmer water and shorter period.

How to make hojicha from Shiraore:

About tea farmer:

Our supplier in Kagoshima has been producing high quality of Japanese green tea since 1894. The family succeeded their craftsmanship from generation to generation. They carry out everything by themselves from cultivating tea plants to finish products.

Their tea field is located in the foothills of Mount Kirishima. The fluctuation of temperature is significant so the area often has dense fog in the morning. This helps to produce high quality of tea.