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Tamaryokucha (leaf 50g) Iricha

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This tamaryokucha (curly green tea) from Nagasaki has been processed with a very unique and modern method by combining steaming and pan-firing. It results in a roasted aroma and a clear refreshing taste. The colour of leaves is more bright and shiny than other standard pan-fired tea. This roasted green tea is perfectly matched with both sweets and savouries including rice crackers and can be a good company during a meal.

For one serving: One heaped teaspoon of tea leaves (about 3g) and boiling water (100ml)

How to brew: Prepare a slightly larger and thick teapot and teacups.

  1. Put tea leaves in a teapot.
  2. Pour 90°C boiled water into teapot at once, and steep for about 30 seconds.
  3. Pour tea out the last drop into teacup. This will help enjoy the second serving as tea stop extracting its flavour.

About tea farmer: The tea farm is in Nagasaki which is famous for mushisei tamaryokucha (steamed curly green tea). The tea represents only less than three percent of the overall tea production in Japan.

This farm was established by the father of the current tea farmer about fifty years ago. They observe the traditional tea planting method. One of them is to shade tea fields with rice straws which requires a lot of labour but it brings a beautiful flavour and taste. The focus on using organic fertilizer and materials has resulted in receiving multiple awards including the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Awards and the Grand Prize in the Nihoncha Awards.

They also shared their valuable knowledge and experiences when a tea machine manufacturer has sought innovation in a future tea industry.