About Us

Our company is based in Australia and run by Japanese people. All our products are sourced from Japan. We take pride in the authenticity of our products which are carefully selected.

We specialize in Japanese tea, teapots and teacups and furoshiki (a traditional wrapping cloth). Our tea is grown in small family run tea gardens in Japan by farmers who have dedicated their lives to produce high-quality tea.

Our Japanese tea instructor is certified by Nihoncha Instructor Association (https://www.nihoncha-inst.com/english.html) and has a passion to provide authentic experiences to local tea enthusiasts in Australia. Our interactive tea workshops are held at various places throughout year.

Teapots and teacups in our collection are designed and produced in Japan by traditional craftsmen who reside in towns which are famous for such products. These include Arita and Imari.

Furoshiki from Kyoto is used for a variety of purpose including gift wrap and displays. It can also be used for creating unique bags.