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Sweets with Japanese green tea

Okei-san, Japanese Tea Plus

When you drink a cup of Japanese green tea next time, why don't you try it with the following snacks or sweets? You will be surprised with the taste-enhancing effect!


Gyokuro is perfect with Japanese dried confectionary. However, some sweets being easily available in Australia, go well with Gyokuro. They are, for example, dried fruits, macaroons and sweet meringue.


Sencha goes well with vanilla ice cream, custard puddings, macaroons, and any cake filled with fresh cream*. Japanese dried confectionary such as rakugan (rice-flour cake) is also a good company for Sencha.

*When Japanese green tea is consumed with sweets using fresh cream, the absorptivity of catechin may be decreased.

Fukamushi sencha

Try to pair with rice cakes, especially soft rice cakes filled with sweet bean paste. Fukamushi sencha is also a lovely partner for a good quality of milk chocolate.


It goes well with sweet steamed dumplings.


If you feel like to eat salty Japanese snacks such as Senbei* and Okaki**or Arare***, hojicha goes well as it refreshes your palate after having salty snacks. Caramel pudding, custard cream, éclairs and doughnuts will be also a good company of hojicha.

*Senbei: Rice crackers. There are Age-senbei (fried rice cracker) and Teyaki-senbei (handmade rice cracker). They are made from non-glutinous rice or ordinary cooking rice.

**Okaki (Large) or Kakimochi: thin sliced of dried mochi. It made from glutinous rice.

***Arare (small): rice cake cut into chunks then dried, roasted and flavoured.

Finely ground sencha

Finely ground sencha goes well with fried rice snacks. This tea also refreshes your palate after consuming this kind of snack. This is tea you may find at sushi-go-round restaurants.