Our next tea tasting session will be collaborated with experienced patisserie and chef. See you on Saturday 21 July.


Okei-sanFeatured17Okei-san, Japanese Tea Plus conducts workshops for Japanese tea in order to enjoy Japanese tea in an authentic way. Our workshops are regularly held. For upcoming workshops, please check our Facebook page or blogs on our website.

Alternatively, we also organise workshops for corpoOkei-san, Japanese Tea Plusrates, companies, social groups, community organisations or anyone with an interest in Japanese tea and cultures. For custom workshops, contact us here.

 Japanese tea workshop, Okei-san Japanese Tea Plus Melbourne"Thank you for that fascinating Tea 101 session. I learned a lot about Japanese tea today."  "I enjoyed yesterday's session, particularly tea tasting. I am looking forward to taste it again with some friends." "They were wonderful and now we know how to properly brew tea! ...Responses from participants in our workshops:

Upcoming workshops are regularly updated in our blogs. Please visit here.